Somalia has poor history of democratic governance, yet democratic governance and human rights are critical components of sustainable development and lasting peace.

We aim to strengthen a democratic society, its institutions and practices of governance in order to promote well-being, social justice, equality and active engagement between civil society, the state and the private sector.

To engender a healthy, participatory democracy; KAHRDO wishes partnership politically active civil society and as well international institutions.

Good Governance in Somalia is the key factor in its achievement and consolidation of democracy to become strong state.

Key focus areas.

  • Public awareness/training on poling processes
  • Monitoring free and fair elections, and as well as the rule of law.
  • Promote citizen participation in electoral processes
  • Equip the media with tools and skills to contribute to preventing and mitigating conflict during election.
  • Enhancing relations between elected representatives, appointed officials and citizens.

 Strengthening and promoting democracy, accountable and transparent governance

Democracy and Human Rights Resilience.

Democratic governance and human rights are interwoven on good governance.

The project provides trainings for the courts, prosecutors, and police officers on human rights and accountability; train investigation unit on the proper complaint and incident reports and rapid response on victims of human rights violations; conduct media campaigns and awareness raising on human rights issue including SGBV/FGC; conduct workshop for MPs on national and international human rights principles including treaties and conventions; awareness raising and training for religious leaders on Cairo declaration of human rights to mitigate traditional practices and attitudes which infringe on basic human rights and counter widespread misinterpretation of Islam; advocate more women representation in the law enforcement, particularly in the OB department to reduce negative impact male dominant police and aim a more engendered justice.

Conducting celebrations of International Human Rights Day, Women’s Human Rights Defenders Day, and International Day against Child Labor.