Program Goal: Safe sharing of a common logical address space or common physical address space and fair and reliable recourse usage

Objective –To strengthen and develop community structures which provide care and protection for child and to protect children from discrimination, exploitation and other forms of harm.

  • Gender Based Violence (GBV):

 Program Goals: it improves the heath of women and children, improves economic productivity and educational attainment and reduces risks of mental illness and substance abuse, among other benefits. It can also help accelerate achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Objectives · To raise awareness of GBV; To get the participants to reflect on the link between GBV and protection in a given context; To discuss/share responses, strategies, and support mechanism to reduce and respond to incidents of GBV.

  • Child protection:

Program Goal: All children live a life free from all forms of violence, are protected in conflicts and disasters and thrive in a safe, caring, family environment. Objective:-To generally promote the protection, development and welfare of children.