More than two decades lack of central government resulted Somali society to fall apart clans and power struggle started between clans and as well sub-clans.

The international community many times supported Somali reconciliation conferences to establish Somali government but failed; at the end the solution was achieved to establish federal system which divided Somalia clan based States without deep reconciliation of power struggled sub-clans.

During the civil-war many innocent people were killed and looted their properties since then no grass-root based reconciliation was held between clans and as well sub-clans, so it takes time to restore clan based confidence if not reached deep reconciliation among them.

The challenges of community or social healing, reconciliation, and building sustainable communities are complex and vital.

Therefore, Peace building and Reconciliation Program is an intervention that is designed to prevent recur or resumption of sub-clan or inter-clan violent conflict, and to maintain reconciliation of Somali society by creating a sustainable peace.

Key focus area.

  • Address the root causes or potential causes of violence conflict
  • Create a societal expectation for peace and reconciliation which stabilizes the Somali society politically and socioeconomically
  • Create and support dialogues and debates on peace that deepen awareness of the reality
  • Support community conflict healing efforts